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Is digital transformation happening in Africa?

Africa is no longer this abandoned continent. Even though it has long been considered as under-developed it has started to emerge, notably in terms of telecommunications. Whether from the point of view of mobile subscriptions that account for around one billion, 3G and 4G deployment, or even the influx of low cost smartphone, the telecoms market scene in Africa is positively changing. In spite of infrastructure challenges, the continent was finally able to guarantee for his residents access to the latest mobile innovations, notably mobile money services in which the continent is leader.

Is Blockchain a revolutionary technology or just a fad?

Blockchain Technology is threatening to redefine and completely transform and disrupt the financial sectors and other industries as we know it. It's another example of digital transformation and is the next disruptive technology. However, whilst Blockchain certainly represents huge potential and opportunity, the question is can it be applied practically?

How can telcos navigate the digital revolution?

Telecom providers face tough times as digitization disrupts traditional business models. In fact, the telecom industry is ranked second after media as most likely to experience major digital disruption, according to a 2015 survey of C-level executives from 15 industries. EITC, the parent company of du, has responded to the disruption of digitization by embracing it, launching a fully digital mobile service.

The Middle East gears up for 5G

Fifth generation (5G) networks will soon be a reality in the Middle East following the successful completion of the first implementable Release 15 5G New Radio (NR) specifications published in December 2017 at the 3GPP TSG RAN Plenary Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. The announcement set the stage for the global mobile industry to start full-scale development of 5G NR for large-scale trials and commercial deployments as early as in 2019.

UAE and KSA embrace Fourth Industrial Revolution

Youth in the Middle East and North Africa expect the Fourth Industrial Revolution to significantly impact their lives, while many are comfortable living in a future where robots exist alongside humans, according to the World Economic Forum's Global Shaper Survey 2017. The Middle East is embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution - a movement that is expected to add over $266 billion to the Saudi economy.

Is 5G the competitive edge?

As technology suppliers develop the next-generation of wireless technologies, mobile operators invest in the networks of the future, and governments launch innovation programs, the early benefits of 5G will go to economies where globally aligned 5G spectrum and technology innovation is readily available.

It’s official! Online media to surpass Linear TV in 2018

GroupM, the media investment group of WPP, released a new report, "State of Digital," offering intelligence on consumer media consumption and advertising investment trends worldwide. Among a series of publications by GroupM prognosticating media marketplace futures, the new report focuses on the impact of technology and digital capabilities on consumers and advertisers.

The power of harvesting data

Facebook is facing scrutiny after it was revealed in March that in 2014 a London-based political consulting firm had harvested the data of Facebook users to profile individuals and direct political campaigns and biased content to users, trying to influence their political opinion. Facebook is now reeling to win back the trust of its users, making privacy tools easier to find and suspending the accounts of abusers.

5G spectrums: a race or just allocation?

5G is the hype of our industry, and recently, countries have been announcing what’s new in this sphere – this is even before ITU’s allocation of spectrum, which will be very important for device manufacturers and for roaming users.