Ara Pacis

Lungotevere in Augusta

Ara Pacis

The Ara Pacis, whose full name is Ara Pacis Augustae, is an altar dedicated by the Emperor Augustus in 9 BC to the goddess of Peace as a sign of gratitude for the victories obtained in the battles of Gaul and Spain.

Throughout the years, the structure that was built on the edge of Campus Martius was neglected and abandoned due to the frequent flooding by the Tiber River. It also gradually became buried because of the characteristics of the land in which it was built on.

In 1938, the Ara Pacis was finally reassembled in its current location thanks to the recovery works and new projects directed towards the perfect preservation of the monument.

The Hellenistic floral decorations and the sequence of Roman emperors from Romulus to Augustus are amongst the main particularities noted.